Types of solar power plant – How to decide?

Types of solar power plant

Types of solar power plant available in the market confuses you? How to decide which system you should purchase? Before going to solve this query, it is important to know what type of systems are available in the market? and what are the differences between them?

Different types of solar power plant….

1. Backup systems

This type of systems, often referred as off grid systems, include a backup source to store the electrical energy produced during day time.

Backup source is a set of batteries called as battery banks. Depending on the system sizing, the battery banks may comprise of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 20 batteries.

Also, if the charge controller and off grid inverter allows, we can make more than 1 set of battery banks.

2. Grid Tie systems

As the name suggests, this type of system, often referred as on grid systems, can be used to export the electricity produced to the electricity service provider’s electrical line.

It won’t store the electricity anywhere, as part of the system (but can incorporate a backup system to work in conjunction).

So, the obvious limitation of this type of system is that it will not provide electricity if there is a power failure.

3. Hybrid systems

In this system, the features of the backup system as well as the on grid systems are combined together.

But, getting approvals from the government authorities is difficult, since they didn’t decided yet on the connectivity of these type of systems.

Hope, they will do it in the near future. If they start approving this type of systems, this will become the most viable solar power plant.

Even though, the differences between solar power plants are very much clear from the explanations above, it will be good, if the advantages and disadvantages of each system is consolidated, for easy reference.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of solar power plant


Types of solar power plant – a comparison

After knowing about the different types of solar power plant, it is time to choose the type of the system. For that, it is required to answer the following question, as a final step. on How to decide which type of solar power plant you need?

What is your primary goal in installing the system? Is it to reduce the electricity bill, get a backup or both?

Decision based on the answer to the question above.

I need back up as well as reduction in the electricity bills…

You can choose the hybrid type of system.

In that too, if you are considering the price, then it is better to install an On Grid (Grid Tie) system along with an adequately sized inverter system which uses the power generated by the On Grid system, for charging the batteries.

This option will be cost efficient and don’t require complex procedures to get sanctions.

I want a reduction in the electricity bill…

Please note that both types of solar power plant, Off Grid / On Grid can reduce the electricity bills.

But, for high capacity systems, where one would like to connect heavy loads, need large number of battery packs, which eventually raises the cost of the system.

Therefore, if your requirement is to connect heavy loads, it is better to think of installing On Grid (Grid Tie) systems instead of back up enabled systems and try to provide back up for the less current drawing loads, as mentioned in the above answer. Take me to the on grid systems page…

I definitely need a power backup…

In such cases no need to think off other options. Just go for Off Grid systems. But, try to adequately size the system.

An under sized system won’t provide you sufficient backup whereas an over sized system will eat your money unnecessarily. Click here to see the systems

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