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Now a days, everybody tends to install an inverter/ups, to back up the electronic devices. But, how many of us know that this system is eating too much electricity?

When the battery gets older the system will consume too much power to charge the battery. 

The simplest solution to  save the electricity is that to charge the batteries through a solar unit. Convert inverter to solar is not a full proof solution, but, can reduce the electricity bills to some extent. What are the points to consider? Just have a look…


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Facts and considerations

  • Any inverter which has a capacity below 1250 VA, can be upgraded using a maximum of 500Wp panels
  • You need to install a PWM charge controller to control the charging current from the PV modules
  •  PWM charge controllers are low cost solutions, but not as efficient as MPPT charge controllers
  • Conversion better works on C10 type of batteries. If the battery type is C20, then also we can convert, but in a reduced performance level.
  • Consider the age of batteries. If it is nearing its end of life, it is better to convert to solar after changing the battery.
  • The maximum electricity that one can expect from a 500 Wp panel is only 2 kWh (Units). So the monthly savings will be limited to 60 Units.
Convert Inverter To Solar
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