Surge Protection Device

Why do we need a surge protection device? How it differs from a lightning arrestor? We are going to answer these questions.Firstly, we will try to understand what is exactly happening when a lightning occur.

During a lightning, an electrical discharge will take place from the cloud to the earth. This electrical discharge can damage conductive materials in its path, such as, a building, trees, human beings etc.

Lightning Arrestor

The purpose of a lightning arrestor is to create a path for the electrical discharge. 

Consequently, this conductive path will protect other properties, since it directs the electricity through itself to the earth. 

Therefore, a lightning arrestor installed at your site will protect the building structure as well as the human beings under the structure.

Role of a surge protection device

A lightning that strikes far away from us, can reach us through the electrical line, telephone line and through other cables. In a split of a second, it can reach the devices which are connected to the electrical line.

Surge protection devices are used to redirect such unwanted current to the earth.To sum up, a surge protection device, is a self destructive device which will protect the electrical equipments connected to the electrical line.

But, keep in mind that these devices are not voltage regulators. If there is a continuous over/under voltage in the line, these devices will simply pass it through.

 For Example, Instead of normal supply voltage of 230V if there is a 240 or above constant supply voltage, this device wont do anything at all. After it reaches the limit the device itself will get damaged. 

Most of the people believes that, circuit breakers will handle the unwanted current. But, it is not like that. If a high current comes to the circuit breaker it will damage it. 

 In some case it can burst. But before it gets damaged or tripped, most of the devices would have gone, forever.

Combined Arrester (3 Phase) (Type 1 + type 2) - Ideal for domestic protection -

Rating - 100 KA

Connectivity - Series / Parallel to load

Type 1 + Type 2 Arrestor (3 Phase)
Load Current - 63A

Maximum discharge current - 100KA in 8/20 Micro Seconds

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