ON Grid Solar Electric Generating System

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        ON Grid Solar Electric Generating System starts from 2KW. Have a look….


2 KW – onwards…


  • For domestic and commercial use.
  • Generates electricity between 4 and 6 KWhr per 1000 Wats panel under ideal atmospheric conditions
  • Load independent
  • No recurring investments


  • Installation costs are comparatively high
  •  No back up
  • Fails when there is no electricity in the grid even  during day time
  • Government approvals required
  • Commissioning time will be longer

On Grid Solar Electric Generating System - Popular PCU and panels


Why On Grid Systems?

       This type of systems can be considered where there is extreme electricity bills. Although this type of system couldn’t provide a power backup, it can reduce the electricity bills greatly.

      If the system sizing is done based on the actual connected load, it can bring the electricity bills to the minimum. These systems are useful for industrial purposes, profit-making institutions and even for domestic needs where electricity charges are too high.

    There is no need to install a system for the total capacity, if there is a financial pressure. It can be installed with reduced capacity and can be added on later. For instance, if you need a 100 KW system, try installing a 50 KW or lesser system.


           Instead of installing a high capacity system with a single PCU, break it up and use multiple PCU’s.  For example, if you need a 100 Kw system, use two 50 Kw PCU’s instead of a single 100 Kw PCU. How it differ?

           Suppose you have a system with a 100 KW PCU. As you know, PCU is an electronic device and is prone to failure.If the PCU fails, the system will not produce electricity.

           But, if you have installed two 50 Kw PCU’s, instead of a single 100 KW PCU, even if one fails, the other will work. Thus, one system failure wont affect the entire production.

           There will be slight price difference since you are using multiple PCU’s, but it is worth spending.

On Grid Solar Electric Generating System - Connectivity Diagram
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