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                In this page you can find the technical documents related with the products that we are dealing with. You can either download or open and read it. The PDF document included under the header “Dehn Stops surges” below the title “Surge Arrestor – Solar Power” will give you a clear idea on what a surge arrester is and its importance. Happy reading !!!!

Surge Arrester

Surge Arrestor is a self destructive device which can protect the electronic devices from surges. These devices can hold huge surge currents that comes from lightning.Moreover, it can prevent surges due to unexpected phase contacts, diesel generators and lagging loads.

Surge Arrestor - Inductive load wave form

Inductive Loads also called as Lagging Loads, Inductive Load Banks, Inductive Reactive Loads or Power Factor Loads are AC loads in which the current lags behind the voltage, when it flows into the load.

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Solar Power Systems

Green energy systems can convert light energy into electrical energy and also can transfer heat energy to another media. For example, solar power plant takes the light energy and converts it into electrical energy. On the other hand, Solar Water Heater takes the heat energy and transfers it into water.

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