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CCTV Camera Bullet Model
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CCTV Camera / Surveillance Camera systems

Protect your beloved ones with a third eye. CCTV Camera will bring you the real time status of your valuable things. Moreover, store the videos in a high capacity hard drive for 20 days or more…Be it your home or office, surveillance cameras can update you with the happenings… So, why wait?

Install it and feel the security !!!

Different types of camera...

  • Dome Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • C-Mount Camera
  • Day/Night Vision…
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera
  • High Definition…
  • Infrared/Night Vision Surveillance Camera
  • Network/IP  Camera...
CCTV Cameras - Various Types

Our installation...

for a technical understanding…

Pros and Cons of Analog Camera

           These days, there’s a lot to think about before installing a video monitoring system. Firstly, the doubt arises when considering the types of cameras. For example, the question might be some what like this. “Do I go with the traditional analog cameras, or IP network cameras?” . There are pros and cons to both choices.

Firstly, let us focus on ANALOG CCTV Cameras…

Pros of analog CCTV

  • Lower initial cost – In most cases, analog cameras cost lesser than IP network cameras.
  • Wide-spread compatibility – Mixing and matching camera models and monitoring devices are easy. Cameras and other devices can be put together irrespective of the make..
  • Better in Low Light – Analog cameras tend to handle low-light situations better than IP cameras. IP camera technology is improving  day by day. Certainly, it will become better than analog cameras in the near future.

Cons of analog CCTV

  • Expensive cabling – For large-scale monitoring applications, analog cameras require complicated cabling schemes. Therefore, it can  can be quite expensive. Also, laying iit will be a challenging task.
  • Limited features – Many of the advanced features now available with IP cameras (for instance: megapixel resolution, digital zoom, and video analytics), aren’t available in analog CCTV models.


There are two main types of surveillance systems. HD camera systems operate over coaxial cable and the other internet (often referred as (IP) cameras. These operate over CAT5/6 cable systems or as wireless respectively.

The Exclusive Benefits of HD Cameras

  • Many buildings are already wired with coaxial cable
  • Upgrading can be as simple as switching out a camera or recorder
  • Coaxial camera cable (RG-59) can transmit footage over 500 feet
  • HD Over Coax systems are less expensive than IP systems
CCTV Surveillance Camera
CCTV Cameras VT

CCTV Surveillance Camera installation. Secure your beloved ones under your view. We have a wide range of camera systems. Pick the systems that fits your pocket.

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