Solar plant installation photos, Panel mounting structure fabrication photos, Home theater systems, SPD's etc.

These photos may answer lot of your questions. Solar power plant installation photos are showing the major parts, cabling standards and panel mounting methods. It is possible to mount panels on any type of roof. Further, our panel mounting structures has a permanent access method, which makes it easy for panel cleaning and care.

OFF-GRID Systems

Solar Plant Installation Photos - 3kWp Panels Mounted over tile roof
Solar Plant Installation Photos - 5kVA Off Grid
3Kwp panels mounted on tile roof + 5KVa pcu + 4 x150Ah batteries

Panel Mounting Structure Fabrication

[ON-GRID/GRID TIE System - 20 KW]
Best Solar Panels - 20KW Panel mounted over sheet
20 KW Panel Structure Built on a Sheet Roof

Production Data - 08/02/2021

Production Data 08022021 min 1
Production Data 08022021 2 min

ON-GRID Systems


18 Panels each in 4 rows. 17 Panels each in 2 rows. Panel size 330 Wp. Walk ways between every 2 rows. Handrails for the right walkway as well as for the bottom walk way. Total 106 panels . 

35 KVa Solar PCU

On Grid PCU and DC combiner box. Six DC Isolators and DC Surge protection devices in a IP 65 Rated poly carbonate box.

Solar Plant Installation Photos - Reverse Power Relay
Reverse Power Relay
Web Monitoring Device for real time data

You can watch the production data on the go. You will get it in mobile phones, tabs and laptops. This will make you aware of whether the system functions correctly or not.

Solar Water Heater

100LPD Stainless Steel Model Installed at Vazhithala, Koothattukulam. 06/02/2021

Vazhithala 2 384 x 512-min
SWH Installed at Vazhithala
Vazhithala 4 384 x 512-min
SWH Installed at Vazhithala

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