Production From 20 kW Solar Grid Tie System on 10/02/2021

20 kW On Grid Production Data

Production From 5 kW Solar Grid Tie System on 01/12/2021


Solar Power Plant

                Designing and implementing a solar power plant, is the most challenging task among our product / service portfolio. On Grid systems doesn’t require a complicated design. Instead, it should be approached in a standard and systematic method.

                       On the other hand, in off grid systems, system sizing plays a very important role. System sizing of solar electric system means the finding of actual power required to run the loads and choosing the capacity based on that. 

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                   While, an undersized solar electric system will not produce sufficient power to run the loads, an over sized system eat too much money in excess. Various blogs can be found on these subjects… 

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            Are you looking for an alternate electrical energy source like solar power plant / solar electricity system or home theater systems? You are at the right place. Call on the phone numbers provided in the “Contact” page or just click on the “Request Quote” tab.

Solar Power Plant - Plant design


First of all, a good technical knowledge is required to design a solar electricity system, that can meet the clients requirements. Furthermore, adapting to the conditions existing at the site, is a must have quality. Moreover, good backup of over 3 years, in dealing with different type of customers, with different needs and financial abilities, is our strength.

Solar Power Plant - System development as per your needs


Above all, developing a solar power plant confining to the budget is a cumbersome task. Hence, we assure you that, we can develop a system that suits your considerations, without compromising the quality.

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In addition, we want every thing to be clear to our valuable clients. Therefore, we are making ourselves transparent in the social media,without worry, to accept suggestions.

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Be it a Pre-installation or a Post-installation support, we are always ready to listen you. No fear, since we believe that we are doing it correct.


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