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Renens Inc were founded in 2016 with a vision to bring the renewable energy to your doorsteps. We are committed to give you better price and hassle free service.

From Indian Manufacturers to your Rooftop

More than 10 manufacturers make high quality solar panels in India. The factories are Fully robotized to manufacture panels with international standards. Moreover, BIS enforces strict rules to create panels that suits Indian conditions for a prolonged period as well as to comply warranty terms. Renens Inc brings, any model / any brand to you.

Best Solar Panels - 20KW Panel mounted over sheet

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Stucer PCU XTM 4000 x 2

Ideal For Commercial and Residential Use

Feel the power of Hybrid Solar PCU's

Studer is a Swiss Company who is one among the pioneers in Hybrid solar PCU’s. With its ultra modern, feature rich Xtender series hybrid PCU’s, you can store the energy produced into a battery pack and can export the rest. The only Hybrid sola PCU approved by Kerala State Electricity Board.

The only solar PCU with a 10 Year Warranty, without 

paying extra.

Studer MPPT Charge Controller VT 80

Meet Our Mentor

With more than 5 years of experience in the industry, he is the driving force behind our excellence. From design to implementation and commissioning, his passion towards service creates an unmatched experience to the clients. 

“What all things we do, we will make sure that the beneficiaries can reap the maximum out of it.”

Aby Varghese
Grid Tie / On Grid System Schema

Ideal For Commercial Use

Grid Tie / On Grid Solar Systems

Produce and Export Electricity. Low maintenance, Upgradable, solar solutions for your home/office. No recurring investment. Get rid of exorbitant electricity bills. Allows you to use your devices with a peace of mind. Just Install and forget.

Any brand solar PCU and Solar Panels.


Ideal For Residential Use

off grid power solutions

Cost effective to high capacity back up solutions.Renens Inc offers durable high efficiency off grid solar pcu's as well as pcu's from major indian manufacturers like Luminous... Configured to perfection makes it trouble free ...

Panels of 2kVa Off Grid
Off Grid Inverter
Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lights

Lit up your garden, backyard, paved passages etc… with standalone solar street light systems. From 5W onwards till 80Watts, with LiFePo4 (Lithium Ferrous Phospate batteries with 3 Yr replacement warranty…..

Solar Street Light 15W
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