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Home Theater and Lightning arrester

Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Panel mounting structure making is the unique choice in our solar products product line.

Solar Products Portfolio - Panel mounting over tiled roof

Mostly in Kerala, people are forced to cover the concrete roof with tiles or sheet. This is to prevent water leakage. So, mounting solar panels over the roof top, is a concern. 

Solar Panels Mounted Over Tiled Roof With Walkways
Solar Products Portfolio - Panel mounting structure over the second floor roof

   The above pictures shows the panel holding structure made on two different type of roof. Although, both uses tiles, the structure differs. In the second figure, tiles are laid on a steel structure. Like wise, the first structure uses tiles, but laid on brick walls with a height of one and a half feet.

Solar OFF GRID Inverter

Inverter / PCU is the heart of a solar product. Off grid pcu’s starts from 300 VA. These inverters may or may not come with charge controllers, in built. As a result, the price will vary. 

Solar Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are the basic part of a solar pcu. There are two forms of charge controllers, namely, PWM (Pulse width modulation) and MPPT (Maximum power point tracking). 

Solar Water Heaters

We have solar water heaters also, for you. Both glass tube and flat bed types.

Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester - Single Spike

Lightning current can come through solar products. External lightning arresters surely protects buildings and the people inside. But it can’t protect the devices connected to the electricity supply line. Just pay attention to the products shown below….

SPD Type 1 + Type 2
Novaris - Surge Protection Device from Australia

     Don’t assume that either an external lightning arrester or a  circuit breaker can protect your  valuable applian – -ces from lightn –  -ing. In addition, it is an integral part of solar  products.. Just have a look…

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