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Solar Systems

Solar system type which can be installed for commercial and residential purposes. Main aim of such systems is to reduce the electricity bill to a minimum.

Solar systems for home use. Mostly these type of systems are installed at homes as a power back up system on sudden electricity failures. High capacity Off Grid systems can be used for commercial buildings also.

These type of systems can be installed where there is an absolute necessity of power backup, as well as huge electricity bills. We are dealing with an international brand, STUDER, which has acceptance all over the world.

Why renens

Full Stainless steel tank. Triple layer coated Borosilicate glass tubes. Full copper tube FPC.

SWH Installed at Vazhithala
Flat Plate Collector FPC
Vazhithala 4 384 x 512 min
Solar Water Heater 100LPD SS

Electrical Systems


Lightning effect may come through the electrical supply lines. It may damage your valuable electronic equipment’s connected to the line. DEHN combined arrester prevents surges entering into your electrical line by discharging it to the protective earth. Supports surges up to 100KA and above.

Lightning can cause extensive damages to your building. It can even cause fatality. Secure your homes or commercial buildings with high quality lightning arrester installation.

Lightning Arrester for Residential Buildings

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Home Cinema Room
Fully furnished cinema room

Your Digital Presence

Nowadays, it has become a necessity to, present yourselves on the web, to show your customers that you are credible and trustworthy. Why wait, earlier is better. Call us…

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Creating Website

Security Systems

Honoeywell commercial cameras

CCTV Systems

You wont be available at home or your office 24 Hours. You may miss critical moments that can ruin your life. So, don't miss it. We will bring all those moment, right in front of you. 24 x 7 x 365.

Access Control Systems

It may be necessary to control the acces to your secret area. We can suggest and implement systems that can control access, to guard your precious things.


Automation systems

Do you wish to open the gate automatically when you come home or office. Install a remote gate system with sensors to do so. We can fix remote control systems to opn or close gates/doors.

Structure for 10KW

Structural Engineering

Need a structure to fix the solar panels? Your solution is here. We can construct structures to hold solar panels, over sheet or tiled roof. 

Not Finished yet…

RenEnS Solar Off Grid PCU's and Charge Controllers


We make MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. We can make it inbuilt with the solar pcu, or else, we can provide it as a single wall mountable unit.

These rugged MPPT charges controllers are enclosed in a powder coated metal casing. The relevant informations are shown in a LCD display.


12 – 24V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V, 120V, 240V…

Our solar PCU’s are coming with a 3 year warranty. These heavy duty systems can be easily serviced bu a local electronics technician.

Option is there to enable or disable electricity charging and set to solar charging. These systems are coming with a 3 Year warranty.

Starting from 800VA…

RenEnS Solar PCU


Luminous Solar Off Grid Combo

Home Inverter

We are dealing with home ups / inverters of LUMINOUS. Check out our SHOP to order your choice.

Luminous 200Ah Battery

Solar Combo Packages

We have solar combo packages from LUMINOUS. Lot of options that may interest you. Check out our pricing…

Luminous Inverter


Also, we can supply both solar tubular batteries (C10) and normal inverter batteries (C20), of various capacities.Please check out…

Our products & services, in a nutshell

Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Solar Products Portfolio - Panel mounting over tiled roof

Mostly in Kerala, people are forced to cover the concrete roof with tiles or sheet. This is to prevent water leakage. So, mounting solar panels over the roof top, is a concern.

Solar Panels Mounted Over Tiled Roof With Walkways

The above pictures shows the panel holding structure made on two different type of roof. Although, both uses tiles, the structure differs. In the second figure, tiles are laid on a steel structure. Like wise, the first structure uses tiles, but laid on brick walls with a height of one and a half feet.

Solar OFF GRID Inverter

Inverter / PCU is the heart of a solar product. Off grid pcu’s starts from 300 VA. These inverters may or may not come with charge controllers, in built. As a result, the price will vary. 

We deal with the following brands.

Renens Inc Logo
Luminous Logo
Victron Energy


There are lot many brands in the market. We are dealing with some of the renown brands like SMA, FIMER, DELTA, FRONIUS, POLYCAB, SOFAR, HITACHI, GROWAT, GOODWE…

Solar Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are the basic part of a solar pcu. There are two forms of charge controllers, namely, PWM (Pulse width modulation) and MPPT (Maximum power point tracking). 

Home Theatre

Low Budet Home Theater System - Yamaha

Solar Water Heaters

We have solar water heaters also, for you. Both glass tube and flat bed types.

Solar Water Heater Flyer

Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester - Single Spike

Lightning current can come through solar products. External lightning arresters surely protects buildings and the people inside. But it can’t protect the devices connected to the electricity supply line. Just pay attention to the products shown below….

     Don’t assume that either an external lightning arrester or a  circuit breaker can protect your  valuable appliances from lightning. In addition, it is an integral part of solar  products.. Just have a look…

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