External Lightning Arrestor

Lightning Arrestor Do’s and Dont’s…

1. Never compromise on its quality over price – The conductor material of the lightning arrestor, mounted over the roof is made of some special alloys that can withstand high temperature. 

            Low quality down conductor may melt because of the rising temperature during lightning. Better material will definitely cost more. 

2. Conductor wire – Always use copper instead of aluminium and GI. Because copper conducts better than the other two.

3. Isolation – Never allow the wire/strip to make contact with the concrete structure. Use ceramic distance pieces.3

4. Conductor path – Keep the conductor wire as straight as possible. Never bend it to surround the slab. Instead pierce a whole in the slab and run straight

5. Earth pit – The earth pit should be at least 2Mtr in depth.

6. Earthing Compound – Try to stick on to the conventional method of using carbon and salt crystals to cover the base plate. If it is difficult to get, always use a high quality earthing compound.

7. Coverage Area – Don’t be fooled by figures like 60Mtr, 70Mtr etc. The coverage area will be 45 degree from the top point of the down conductor. So, taller the spike, more the coverage area.

8. Number of spikes – If it is a rectangular shaped structure like go down, church etc.. it is better to have two spikes on each highest point at the ends. Four a very long building, use a mesh type mechanism.

9. Earth Plate –  Most importantly, use a pure copper earth plate, as shown in the images. It is important to have a very good conductor plate buried in the soil, to pass the current to the earth.  To clarify, dry earth is a very good insulator.5. 

Lightning Arrester
Lightning Arrestor Coverage Area
LA - Down Conductor Round Alloy
Down Conductor - Single Spike - Alloy
LA - Earth Plate
Earth Plate - Copper 2 x 2 Mtr
LA - Multi Spike Alloy Down Conductor
Down Conductor - Multi Spike - Alloy
LA - Multi Spike DC Copper
Down Conductor - Multi Spike - Copper
LA - Earth Plate Copper and Pit
Earth in the 2Mtr deep pit
LA 80 SQMM Conductor Wire
80 Sqmm Copper Conductor Cable
LA - Earth Chamber Closed
Earth Chamber - Closed
LA - Earth Chamber Open
Earth Chamber - Open
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