Solar Off Grid System

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Price Starts From Rs.65,000/- Only…

Solar off grid system is available from 1KVA onwards. Although, you can build an off grid system with a low capacity, like 500VA with 450Wp panels, it wont be good enough for home use. 

Have a look at the two different configurations given below. Similarly, you can design systems with any capacity. 

1 kVA

  1. 1250 VA Solar PCU
  2. 150 Wp x 3 Solar Panels
  3. 150 Ah x 1 C10 battery
  4. Panel mounting structure
  5. PWM Charge Controller
  6. Installation with controls…
  7. Rs.73.950/- Only


  • Ideal for home use.
  • Saves electricity up to 1.75 kWh per day
  • Loads up to 875 W can be connected
  • Low price and less periodic investments


  • Limited load connection.
  • Refrigerator cannot be connected
  • Not up-gradable
  • Limited backup

2 kVA

  1. 2000 VA Solar PCU
  2. 325 Wp x 3 Solar Panels
  3. 150 Ah x 2  C10 batteries
  4. Panel mounting structure
  5. MPPT Charge Controller
  6.  Array junction Box
  7. DC combiner box with DC fuse and isolator
  8.  Change over to toggle between EB and Solar
  9.  AC cable and DC cables 10 and 15 Mtr respectively
  10. Installation with controls…
  11. Rs.1,05,500/- Only


  • Ideal for home use.
  • Saves electricity up to 4  kWh per day
  • Loads up to 1500 W can be connected
  • Enough back up
  • Up gradable
  • Refrigerator + TV can be connected


  • Limited load connection.
  • Periodic investment is high when compared with lesser KVa systems
  •  Initial investment is little bit higher than 1 KVa

Why Solar Off Grid Systems?

          Solar off grid systems will work even on grid electricity failure, unlike Grid Tie systems. Because, It stores a part of the electricity produced from solar, in a battery or a set of batteries (often referred as a battery bank).

          After taking sufficient power for charging, the remaining will be diverted to the load. So, while off grid systems give back up electrical energy, it will also help to reduce the electricity bills.

         After all, It needs a little research to determine the capacity of the solar inverter and the number of batteries required. 

         Therefore, spend some time to understand the theory and to find out the actual size of the system. Above all, never ever completely rely on the words of a representative.

        You can find several articles/videos in the blog page that will help you to make a decision.

Solar Off Grid System

Solar Off Grid System Panel Installed – Video…

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