Cleaning Solar Panels - How to?

Cleaning Solar Panels - Is it important?

A clean solar panel, has a very important role to play in the overall electricity production. Dirt accumulated over panels will prevent light from reaching cells. Thus, degrading the power generation.

Effective method of cleaning solar panels

Firstly, cleaning of the solar panels doesn’t need any special kind of cleaning solution. Cleaning it with water is more then enough, if you wash it frequently. but, depending on the amount of dust accumulated over the panels, you can also use mild detergents which can be washed away easily.

Do i need a strong brush?

First of all, it is not advisable to use brushes with hard bristles. It can create scratches over the panels. 

What materials can i use for cleaning solar panels ?

Use mopes like the one you see in the video. These mopes usually has cut end cotton strings which will never damage the panel surface.

Other important things to remember...

  • Never apply pressure over the panel surface
  • Move the mope to and fro
  • Circular movement of the mope is also good
  • Never leave the dust over the frames. Wipe it out completely
  • Use as much of water as you can
  • Try to avoid using detergents. It may become difficult to remove the detergent from the panel surface.
  • Using more detergents way waste more water. 
  • Always protect our environment by saving water. Water is precious.

Is solar panel cleaning worth?

Most of the time, solar panel cleaning is not worth it.

Because, the average increase in output from cleaning panels is usually small. When we consider the time and risk of injury involved in it, we can assume that it is not worth at all. But, for smaller systems, it is good to clean it whenever there is free time. Also, if you do it by yourselves, it would become a good physical exercise.

Also, If the panels are clogged with large amount of dust, then it should be cleaned at any cost. Other wise, more dust may lead to the development of algae.

A comparison between cleaned and uncleaned panels...

Cleaned Panel Photo
Cleaned Panel
Cleaning Solar Panels
Uncleaned panels...

The difference is obvious...

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