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Grid Tied Solar System – Study Part 2

Grid Tied Solar System - First in the world
The first three concentrated solar power (CSP) units of Spain’s Solnova Solar Power Station in the foreground, with the PS10 and PS20 solar power towers in the background
The first three concentrated solar power (CSP) units of Spain’s Solnova Solar Power Station in the foreground, with the PS10 and PS20 solar power towers in the background

We have seen in part 1 that, ignorance about the production is one of the major concerns of the investors who plan to install an Grid Tied Solar System.

Before going into the misconceptions, we need to look in to other predominant factors like financial obligations, expectancy of the system and some conditions that may cause the system failure. We will look into the financial obligations first.

Financial obligations

It is a truth that the client has to spend a lump sum amount to complete the installation.

Depending on the system size, it may vary from 200 thousand to many crores. But, whatever be the investment, whether it is small or too large, the solar electricity system will definitely give a complete return on investment in a span of 5 to 6 years.

For the rest of its life, the savings on the electricity cost is considerable. Normally a Grid Tie system doesn’t require a frequent maintenance unless it becomes faulty because of lightning or unexpected surges.

Most of the Grid Tied Solar System PCU is covered with warranty for 5 years. So, during the warranty period, there won’t be any worries.

Always think of taking extended warranty for the On Grid PCU, which will relieve you from the burden of maintaining the PCU’s.

Expectancy of the Grid Tied Solar System

Although Solar electricity systems started becoming popular since 2000, it got acceptance after 2010 only. Thanks for the price reduction of various components.

Since, the installed systems just completed half of its life span, we have to wait for a few more years to get a clear picture on its end of life.

The characteristics of the silicon wafers, suggests that, it can last for more than 25 years. So, we have to rely on that and wait to know the performance.


You should be aware of the fact that the On Grid systems wont function if there is no electricity in the power line. Even during the day time, under bright sunlight, we cannot export or use the electricity produced.

This is because the government strictly insisted to incorporate a feature called as anti islanding within the Grid Tied Solar System PCU.

As you know there is no separate electrical line to take away the electricity produced by us. The production is fed into the same line through which we are getting the electricity.

So, in order to protect the people working on the electrical line this feature is a must have one. And this….is the major limitation of on grid system.

Now, it is time to look into the misconceptions on the solar electricity system implementation. Misconceptions are related with the behavior of the government authorities. 

Most of the clients believe that it is very difficult to get necessary sanctions and permissions. But, it is not true.

Misconceptions on Grid Tied Solar System

Everybody worries too much about about the clearances to get from the government departments.

Questions like, will they approve our proposal?, What they will do after the installation?, Will there be any problems in connecting the system to the grid? etc may arise in your mind.

But, to my experience, I can tell you that you need not have to worry on that.

The government, whether it is state or central, is promoting the green energy system like Grid Connected system. Some of the state governments are even giving subsidies to the solar power plant.

So, since their intention is to promote the solar electricity system, they won’t trouble you with rejecting your connectivity application.

May be there will be delays in getting permissions, but as you proceed, you will get it.

Only prerequisite is that a person who knows about the method to approach the concerned departments should be there in the team.

Another misconception is about the procurement of the electricity produced, in excess. You might be worrying on the purchasing attitude of the electricity board.

Do they refuse to purchase excess electricity produced?. Before worrying on this just ask these questions yourselves and find an answer.

Do the electricity board produce sufficient electrical energy?.

Do they have any other cost effective alternate production method other than converting solar energy?

when you answer these queries you can find that, the EB couldn’t refuse to take the electricity produced by you.

Perhaps, the method of procurement from solar power plant installers may differ.

Some are using Net Metering where as some others use Gross Metering.

Net Metering

In INDIA the electricity is coming to the load and going out through the same electrical line. So to measure the export and import, we should install an energy meter that can record both the exports and imports.

The electricity board will consider the production and import and then calculate the amount for the balance unit of consumption only.

This is like a barter transaction. We are giving some and taking some. The amount for the balance will be calculated based on the existing tariff.

Gross Metering

In this type of metering, the authorities will charge you on a tariff which is different from the purchase tariff.

 The import tariff will be higher. The amount given to you based on the export will be comparatively low.

The purchase rate inconsistency might be one worry, that every one may have. But we have to accept it. 

In future what will be the policy change, nobody knows. But if one thinks off the worst in future, you cannot do anything, in your life. So always think positive.

When we consider the government policies, it may seem that it is stringent and cumbersome to fulfill.

But if we adhere strictly to the norms and procedures, getting the sanction is not a difficult affair. But, the procedures should be clear to the installer.

Global warming.

Global warming threat. Reason to think of On Grid / Grid Tie system

We are going through a stage where everybody in the universe is thinking of reducing environmental pollution. 

As you know, the pollution caused by the diesel generator is damaging the atmosphere. 

So, it is a necessity to exploit the natural resources like solar energy. 

So, let us go hand in hand to build a better environment at least for the next generations to come.

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Hope this article was useful to my readers. Expect more articles on green energy.

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