Solar Electricity System – Study Part 1

Solar Electricity potential across the globe. Only a part of it is converted to electricity with solar electricity systems.

Hai all !!! My first blog ever on any subject…. Solar Electricity System, facts to know…

Why people are hesitant to install green energy solutions like solar electricity system / wind energy systems? I have seen many institutions spending money in 100 thousands to build an arch in their compound, when they are paying thousands of rupees as electricity bills.

 An outsider like me, thinks that, constructing an arch is just like burying the money.

There might be many logical reasons for them, in doing so. But, even in the midst of an economic stagnancy, instead of thinking of reducing the expenses, simply spending money for something that couldn’t fetch anything in return, seems to be a little bit absurd.

 This approach of the entrepreneurs made me to think of starting a blog on this subject.

Let me put my views on this regard. First and the foremost reason i found, is the ignorance and misconceptions that spreads around us, about the solar power systems. Ignorance is related with the technicality, fund required for the solar electricity system and return on the investment.

Misconceptions are based on the behavior of the government departments that give sanctions to the solar power plants.In this blog, I am trying to elaborate on these two terms in detail.

Ignorance on solar electricity production

Everybody knows that the light energy can be converted into electrical energy using solar panels. But, the quantum of electrical energy produced by a solar electricity system, still remains as an ambiguity. 

This is because, most of the installers do not know how to calculate the production per day. Perhaps, they are simply relying on some common talks spreading around. Some of them say that, our system can produce 4 Kwh per day from a 1000 Wp panel. 

Some others, who are not that much convinced, will say that, a production anywhere between 3 and 4 units can be expected. 

Then, what is the truth? Let us have a look… Since the situation vary with geographical differences, we will have a look at the following real time images received from a 20KW grid tie system installed in Kerala, INDIA.

Real Time Data From a 20Kw Solar Electricity System is shown below:

Installed capacity - 20 KW - Energy Today - 90.46 Units


20 KW Grid Tie System

20 kw On Grid System hourly production 12 PM - 14.8 Units (Kwh)


Production data from a 20 KW solar electricity system between 11 AM and 12 PM is 14.8 Units

20 KW Grid Tie System hourly production 10 AM - 12.4 Units (Kwh)


Data from a 20 KW solar electricity system between 09 and 10 AM is 12.4 Units

20 KW Grid Tie System- production on 24-09-2019 - 53.2 Units (KWh)


Real time data from a 20 KW solar electricity system on 24-10-2019

20 KW Solar Electricity System - production on 01-10-2019 - 106.7 Units (KWh)


Data from a 20 KW solar electricity system on 01-11-2019

Based on the real time data shown above, the actual production can come up to 5.33 Kwh per day per Kw (Divide 106.7 Kwh by 20 Kw). It means that the peak sunlight hour required for solar power system may reach 5.33 hours per day. 

On an average, if we consider that the peak sunlight hours is 4.7 hours per day, then a 1000 Wp solar panel can produce 4.7 Kwh (Units) of electrical energy. 

Like wise, if the peak sunlight hour is only 3 Hours, then a 1000 Wp panel can produce 3 Kwh only. 

So we can conclude that, even though there are many factors that can adversely affect the production, like ambient temperature of the panel, electricity supply line failure etc., at least 3.5 to 4 Units of electricity production can be expected in a 365 day span.

Anti Islanding

( This is a feature inbuilt in the solar PCU. It is a must have feature to prevent the electricity flow, through the line, when there is no power coming from the sub station. 

The current flowing through the line is dangerous to the people working over it. Foreseeing this situation, the authorities insisted to include this isolation feature in the PCU. 

So, even during bright sunlight, the production cannot be fed into the electrical line. – refer the production bar chart shown above for the days 21 and 30 )

Watch the video to know how to clean the solar panels / modules as well as, how the panels are mounted over the sheet roof. The real time data shown above are from this installation...Click here…

Now, Understanding these simple facts, it will be easy for you to size a solar electricity system. Estimation of the fund required and return on investment (ROI) can be worked out. 

Moreover, if this calculation is not clear, we will have to think twice to invest such a big amount. Nobody will do so, on mere speculations…. Continued…(Image Courtesy – Global Solar Atlas – )


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